Providing Excellent Customer Service

Donald KarneyUncategorized

I’m surprised every time a new client tells me that “We were the only Real Estate company to answer the telephone.” It never ceases to amaze me.

Not answering a telephone or email inquiry says a lot about the Real Estate Company and the people operating it. If they cannot answer a simple telephone call to begin with what will happen later on when an unforeseen situation occurs? Can you really trust that Real Estate Company to sell, lease or manage your investment property if they are always out of reach? Will they miss that call from a potential buyer or tenant? Will they miss that call about a flooding apartment? Will they miss that call from you asking how your own property is doing?

The foundation of every Real Estate business should be built upon providing excellent customer service to both owners, buyers, and tenants. We strive to answer every telephone or email inquiry from existing clients and potential new clients. If we are unavailable to answer at the time we always make it a point to return the inquiry immediately. Providing excellent customer is just what we do. We wouldn’t do anything otherwise.

Until Next Time,

Donald Karney III,